and the brainchild of designer and artist liz maute cooke.

It's in her little bedroom studio in 2013 that all the magic originally began. Back then, Liz was set on spreading positivity and kindness through the messages we give ourselves and each other. She chose greeting cards as her vessel because they were thrifty and she was working with what she had. For her first collection, Liz designed cards based on the color of the envelopes she'd managed to buy in bulk. They were dirt cheap, but she stuffed them with her own hand-drawn designs and signature cheer, and they became a big hit! At least, big for a tiny, fledgling card line. And definitely big enough for Liz to keep going.


We've made home our flagship shop and studio, a bright, airy brick and mortar stocked full of our original letterpress prints as well as a range of exclusive collaborations with local artists and curated goods that complement our line. We have an eye for all things made with love and fearlessness. We print our hand-drawn designs on our two vintage Heildelberg Windmill presses—they're the apple of Liz's eye, and they're in operation daily, out in the open for onlookers to behold!

At the end of the day, our energy is our most powerful resource and we love sharing it with you.

We hope Lionheart Prints will be the constant reminder in your life that anything worthwhile requires a little bravery.