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    Blog — wedding

    Lindsay & Josh’s Southern Summertime Wedding

    Lindsay & Josh’s Southern Summertime Wedding

    Lindsay and Josh's wedding

    Lindsay and Josh found us last November at the Renegade Bridal Fair and we immediately got to work. The first time we met up to discuss the direction of their wedding paper suite, Lindsay insisted on having me over to their home for wine and cheese– and I am not one to refuse wine or cheese. There’s something I love about meeting clients in their own space, I get a lot of aesthetic direction by seeing what you choose for your home, how you style it and how you live in it. There’s not a pinboard in the world that can translate the information that feeling the energy of your home can convey.

    We quickly pinned down a few key elements– navy blue, woodgrain envelope liners and an entirely hand-lettered suite. The invitation, response postcard and accommodations card were letterpress printed in super thick cotton savoy paper with navy blue ink. For the rehearsal dinner invitation, they wanted it to look cohesive but stand out on its own. We went with a mirror silver foil-stamped onto square-shaped navy blue stock.

    Lindsay and Josh Wedding Invitations

    A couple after my own heart, they wanted everything to match. We created custom party cups, koozies, a program fan (to cool off those glistening guests), wooden cake topper, monogram notecards and matching rubber stamps. The day-of projects included hand-drawn paper signage, chalkboards and second line handkerchiefs.



    Wedding cake


    plum street snowballs

    hanging name cards

    dance floor cards

    wedding party dacing

    josh and lindsay wedding day

    Mazel tov, Mr. & Mrs. Friedmann!

    love liz